In the Beginning......

With a vision of owning my own boutique I began selling jewelry out of my vehicle.  I worked my small business collection doing home parties and events across Tennessee and I have never looked Back.  In 2012 I was blessed to open up my own storefront in downtown Fayetteville, TN where I then realized my dreams had come true.  Since then my dream has grown.  I now have a location in downtown Winchester, TN, and In Downtown Lynchburg, TN.  In all 3 locations we carry several lines of boutique clothing at reasonable prices.  I hand select every item in all stores.  Pretty Discoveries sells anything from one of a kind unique pieces of jewelry, fashionable handbags & scarves to On Trend Boutique Clothing. 

From those small beginnings, my dreams have become my reality. 

And I Love It!!!

Stephanie Ogle


Pretty Discoveries